Brooklyn Park Police Department polling Deaf resident interest in safety classes

The Brooklyn Park Police Department is interested in offering an interpreter for its classes that it offers.  We are in the process of finding out if the Deaf residents of Brooklyn Park would be interested in stuff like this.  Some of the classes offered are: Personal safety and Burglary protection/awareness.  As a police Department, we would also like to reach out and connect with the Deaf community to make sure they are aware of all the services we offer.  If you are interested in finding out more, please E mail Me at:

Warning! Scam targeting people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

WHAT:  If you receive an email or text message from a company called “Awareness Company – Lottery for the Hearing Impaired,” telling you that you (or a friend) have won money (i.e. $500,000.00), it is a Scam/Fraud, (not true).  DO NOT REPLY by email or text message, DO NOT FORWARD their message.

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